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Good Evening Friends, I am here with another herbal solution, this is personal experience I am about to share with you guys, not a bullshit, my baby was having this cough every now and then and we had to buy all sought of syrups, Vitamin C too to dry his nose and the likes, I initially told her that there was no need to buy those stuffs that there were natural herbs that could relieve him fast, her reaction was that of a mother who believes her son must take what other baby takes,

taking herb to her was not ‘okay’ enough, to her it would look as if we do not have money to buy drugs for him, so we had to result to herb, so I decided to dance to her tone and we bought all these drugs and she was given him the drugs as prescribed by the Pharmacist but yet his cough never reduced most especially at night and in fact in the midnight and he would wake up his mum all the night.

There was this particular night I was busy working on my system, so he started coughing again and I was worried seeing his mum looking for what and what to give him this time around, I asked if she had given him his drugs?, she replied I did give him his drugs before he slept and that was less than 3hours now, I can not give him the drugs again.

I then decided to leave what I was doing, I went straight to the kitchen, I bought 2 cloves of Garlic and 2 tablespoons of natural honey. I grounded the garlic and I mixed it with honey and I gave my boy 1/2 a spoon while she washed me with disbelieve of the potency of the ‘concoction’ within 3 minutes the persistent drug stopped and he slept off after like 10 minutes. the following morning I was amazed that my wife never bothered to give him the orthodox drugs she bought from the pharmaceutical store, instead, she gave him the mixture of Garlic and Honey.

Throughout that day, he never coughed and that was how a cough disappeared. this mixture cost less than 20% of the amount used to buy the orthodox syrups and drugs. If your kid is having the same cough just try this wonderful herbal mixture and I bet you will give testimony. You don’t underestimate the power of herbs.

Have a great weekend.

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