9 Effective Remedies For Arteriosclerosis

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What is Arteriosclerosis?

This is the narrowing and thickening of the wall of the arteries. This has become a common ailment in the modern times accounting for much of the disability and high death rate among the older people.


The major symptoms of arteriosclerosis are as follow:

Pain and cramps in the legs

High blood pressure

Coldness and numbness in the feet

Kidney disorders

Loss of memory

Angina pectoris




1. Lemon

The peel of this orange is excellent remedy for this health condition, it is believed to have one of the richest sources of vitamin P, it strengthens the entire arterial system, the peel of one or two lemons should be cut up properly, then add warm water and leave it for about 12 hours. Take a teaspoon every 3 hours or immediately before or after meal.

2. Garlic/Onion

Take any of these two raws or you always add enough it to your cook, the amount you add depends on the amount you can take.

3. Avoid Red Meat

Avoid too much consumption of Meat, excessive in the taking of red meat will worsen your health condition, reducing or avoiding it completely

4. Exercise

Exercise regularly this will make your heart healthy and keep your body fit always.

5. Quitting Smoking

To prevent hardening and narrowing of the arteries faster quit smoking. Smoking while having arteriosclerosis will worsen your situation.

6. Eat White beans often

Eat white beans regularly, it contains a very high concentration of potassium that helps in lowering blood pressure by dilating blood vessels and easing the strain on the cardiovascular system.

7. Cut out Processed Foods: lots of processed foods contain hydrogenated fats, this fats are more dangerous than saturated fats and can aggravate your condition, so avoid it. Also, avoid coffee and white sugar.

8. Take vegetables, seed and fruits often they help to improve your health condition for good.

9. Never cook food in copper and aluminium vessels. The food cooked in them is generally toxic

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