Top herbal remedies for curbing alcoholism

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Alcoholism is an ailment that most people don’t see as one, when you crave for alcohol often to the extent of taking it first thing in the morning, then you should know you need help, remember how Tagbo ( A late friend of Davido) died, some take alcohol just to ‘feel among’ or just to entice their friends.

As a fan of Wizkid, Olamide or any foreign artist that takes alcohol consumption as a hobby, you are not expected to emulate their excessive consumption of alcohol lifestyle. These artists have the financial strength to take care of their health challenges, if the need arises, they can afford to do kidney or liver transplant on like you a fan that is struggling to survive, so there is a need for you to drink responsibly. But if your condition is at a critical stage, that is you are already addicted to alcohol, an abnormal condition called Alcoholism; then you need these herbs, I am about to talk about, but before then, let me explain the chronic disorder called alcoholism

Alcoholism is a chronic disorder in which a person is unable to refrain from frequent and excessive consumption of alcohol.

The symptoms are puffy face with bloodshot eyes, rapid pulse, irritability, over emotional impairs judgement and disturbed sleep. If not checked, it could lead to liver disorder and gradually leads to Cirrhosis (Hardening of the liver), it could also lead to damage to the brain cells and also affect the heart.

When you have an abnormal craving for alcohol, or you are suffering from Alcoholism, you should know you need to reduce the desire and to achieve that successfully here are the top herbs that can help you curb the urge to consume alcohol excessively:



Dandelion has a beautiful flower, aside from the property of reducing alcohol craving, it also beautifies any garden it is found. The useful part is the root, it helps in increasing product of bile which in turn helps in treating alcoholism, so you have to boil it, then take the liquid three times a day.


This herb is a popular remedy for treating alcoholism, other properties it has includes energizing and revitalising. It helps in detoxification of alcohol from the body which in turn treat addiction efficiently. To use, boil the roots, filter out the ginseng water and take three times a day.


This herb is very popular in China, and it has been in use for alcohol craving in China for over 200 years, aside from this, it can successfully cure many ailments, it other potent contents will be discussed when next we are talking about diseases that Kudzu can treat effectively. To use, soak Kudzu in water for 48 hours, drink the water daily.


This herb is very potent in treating liver disorders and gallbladder, one of the damages an alcoholism can cause is the damage of the liver, with the Milk thistle liver disorder can be taken care of. If you want to cure your alcoholism effectively, you need Milk thistle; it is a wonder herb.


Grape should be taken three times a day. This fruit contains the purest of alcohol, and it is an ideal yet substitute for alcohol.

Note: the success of the remedies as mentioned earlier depends on the determination of the patient suffering from alcoholism to stop drinking.

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